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A SUBLIME AND VOLUPTUOUS SYNERGY THAT INFUSES THE HAIR FIBER WITH SILK "To regulate frizzy, thick and unstructured hair, you must act on two fronts: infuse nutrients deeply in the hair fibre and polish the superficial surface. Frizzy and dull hair is, in fact, characterized by uplifted and irregular cuticles. When in this state, the hair surface does not reflect light and hair appears dull and opaque. SILK'N GLOW cleanser brings a first regulating effect. The nutritious treatment transforms dull and opaque hair, returning softness and shine. The serum is the final touch that coats the hair with micro-particles of light. A synergy of restructuring, nourishing and silkening active ingredients. Biodynamic Oats, orga­nic Cupuacu butter and ethical Brazilian Nut makes for soft and shiny hair: pure silk."

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SMOOTHING AND DISCIPLINARY TREATMENT TO OBTAIN HEALTHY, STRONG AND BRILLIANT STRAIGHT HAIR "Whether you've got long, short or medium length hair, straight hair possess an innate elegance which makes it perfect for any look and occasion. However, your hair must appear healthy, shiny and tended for the perfect look. To obtain this result it is fundamental that the cuticles are perfectly sealed and polished so as to reflect luminosity resulting in nourished, soft to the touch hair, protected from excessive heat from dryers and flat iron use. SMOOTH+ is a disciplining treatment that unites the nutritious action resulting in polish and shine on the cuticle stemming from the antioxidant action of the Buriti oil and the bounce from the organic Rose and biodynamic Caraway."


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THICKENING AND VOLUMIZING TREATMENT, FOR FULL-BODIED ENERGIZED HAIR "Thin fine hair is more vulnerable to external agents and is subject to static electricity: and you can have difficulties maintaining styling. Light, aimed formulations are needed to improve its look. Formulas which cleanse delicately, increase volume, strength and density. XVOLUME is composed of a delicate and slightly hydrating hair bath which cleanses and invigorates the hair and a spray which lifts the hair from the roots. Hair appears stronger, bouncy and you'll find more body and volume."

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