Born from a series of alchemical natural processes to reveal your exact shade of colour. FIRST PROCESS: from seeds to medicinal herbs, through the biodynamic method; SECOND PROCESS: from biodynamic plants to Hmelt concentrate of light and colour; FINAL REVELATION: Hmelt helps self-expression through colour.

IN SALON: Hmelt is the brightening and revitalizing concentrate hair colour. Fair trade phytopigments (Rhatany, Broom, Walnut, Lycopene, Turmeric and Saffron) polish hair fibre, protecting your hair with antioxidant action. Organic Mullein absorbs the most powerful UV radiation, transforming it into brightness. Biodynamic curly dock remineralizes hair fibre while protecting hair.

AT HOME: Hmelt Mask is the brightening, nourishing and reflecting pack available in 6 nuances for coloured or natural hair, available in 6 nuance (Authentic Chestnut, Glamour Copper Gold, Divine Gold, Sunny Orange, Red Energy and Mysterious Purple).

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