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professionalrangeORGANIC WAY is the first professional haircare line based on zero mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrolates and essential oils.

We have created a complete product range of extreme quality, designed to meet the needs of all hair types.

Precious formulas, selected by our research labs and conceived in order to engulf salon clients and staff in a unique multi-sensory, relaxing, engaging atmosphere.

Italian quality meets nature.
Nature becomes pleasure.
Pleasure becomes beauty.

Beauty is expressed as creativity through the hands of our stylists.
Creativity melds with an ethical, aware, sustainable approach

Inspiring biodynamics

inspirationAs inspiration we have chosen the principles of biodynamics: from living energy, to the earth which receives it and to the beauty which expresses it.

It’s not just a matter of choosing one farming method over another but above all changing one’s view of man and the environment and entering into an eco-sustainable way of life and way of thinking.

The biodynamic method considers the soil, the plant, man, planet Earth and the cosmos as a single organism or integrated, living system. When working in the biodynamic field, you choose to respect the host land by keeping it fertile harvest by harvest, through a series of continuing procedures using totally natural enzymes and preparations free from any kind of substances which are synthetic or toxic to man or the environment.

You also choose to carry out these procedures following a strict calendar, mainly dictated by lunar cycles, according to special rituals, which give the crop energy (or dynamise it).
Our ingredients are so full of all their functional active ingredients.

Complete Transparency

glass bottlesAll our lines come in pharmaceutical grade amber coloured glass bottles and jars in order to preserve intact the purity of our botanical formulas.

Our choice of glass at the core of our believe as  a sign of caring for our planet. Glass is, in fact, a naturally derived material which is 100% forever recyclable.

Transparency is also a commitment towards our clients all over the world; it is for this reason that the origin of each single ingredient is stated on our labels. Just read the legend and symbols on the back in order to find out information and choose with awareness.

Essential Oils

medicinal plantsWe grow and directly distil the medicinal plants from which we obtain the precious essential oils that become our active ingredients and our 100% natural perfumes.

For us, beauty is the emotion of life, preserved in seeds, nurtured with love and with the complete absence of synthetic chemicals in our fields, harvested and processed with the passion that gives life to our work every day, and expressed with care and creativity in our hair salons worldwide.

We believe in informed and sustainable beauty, which reflects harmony, respect, nature, balance and health.

We choose nature

natural ingredientsWe formulate very high concentrations of natural, organic and biodynamic active ingredients by careful selection.

Pure oils, waxes, butters and emollients of vegetable origin are the key to our effective cosmetic treatments.

Natural boosters of natural origin provide shine, protection and make hair healthy over time.

Blends of phyto-proteins plump up the hair fibre, improving its structure treatment after treatment.

Free from

beauty rpdocuFree your head (from some common ideas) and the beauty products you choose (from some toxic components for you and the environment).

Maybe you have been told that eco-bio products do not give the same results as other more traditional (or chemical) ones in terms of effectiveness. Perhaps you have been told that hair colour without ammonia cannot achieve the same degree of coverage for grey hair and the same nuances of traditional ones, or that the cosmetic results of botanical treatments on hair is inferior to more synthetic ones.

Today, you can say that using chemical-free formulas you can achieve the same effects, with greater protection for your health and .. for the Earth.

This is why we create formulas that are not only effective but also dermo-compatible and eco-friendly that are free from:


Committed to fair trade

change the worldPerhaps we cannot change the world but we can certainly improve it! We have chosen to make informed and ethical purchases.

We have set up alliances with international fair-trade purchase networks to support the development of poor countries in the world with our products.

We receive certified natural raw materials from Africa, Amazonia, Indochina and Aboriginal Australia that we include in all our products, supporting over 800 local communities.

Integrating trade with education, the economy and social action can be done.

Exceptional Packaging

packagingWe have chosen to use only essential packaging (all recycled, recyclable or eco-certified) to minimise our impact on the environment.

Out tubes are made of 100% recyclable aluminium and do not come in packaging. The communication and display materials used in our hair salon are recycled or eco-certified (FSC paper and cardboard, PEFC wood, bio-plastics, recycled PET etc.).

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